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Privacy is of absolute significance at Bitcoin Trader. We comprehend the essence of securing information documented on our servers that belongs to our users.

This privacy policy is the fulfilment of details needed to enlighten you on personal data processing. We shall obtain and process data from you by this policy.

In this policy document, there will be interchangeable use of many terms like “our,” “we,” “us” instead of our website, and we refer to our users as “you.” It is essential you read, understand and accept the following privacy policy.

Our services’ systematic use is conditional on you studying and approving the terms in this privacy policy. If you elect to oppose any or the whole of the policy document, it will prohibit you from accessing our services.

We shall reserve the freedom to make changes to the privacy policy as we consider applicable. To that end, we will notify you of any policy changes. It is your responsibility to also review from time to time for possible changes.

We shall not ascertain that any product or service obtained from us or our third party shall meet up to or exceed your expectations.

We do not assure that our third party will provide products and services as advertised or that they will be error-free.

You are accountable for your decisions when making use of our services. We shall not be guilty of any form of defect to your computer codes that may result from our advice

Bitcoin Trader does not guarantee any form of revenue, as trading in cryptocurrency is a high-risk activity due to its instability. Invest only funds you won’t mind losing and ensure you do your analysis before trading.

Always do your own due diligence before investing any money or get personal advice from a licensed professional.


A license grant refers to a contract that a party (licensor) outlines encompassing extensive and enlightening information for another party (licensee) to discern not to infringe any proprietary rights.

Bitcoin Trader defines an official document that comprises comprehensive information for you not to violate our proprietary rights.

You get a single and exclusive license to utilise our website’s services.

This license is non-transferable, and we retain the right to revoke the privileges anytime we deem fit. We shall not, however, be obliged to give any reason for such an act.

This license does not permit you to use our content for unauthorised commercial activities.

This license does not authorise any form of change of content on our website.

The content on our website is for informational or educational purposes only. We are NOT investment advisors and we do NOT give personal investment advice.


We retain proprietary rights to the content on our website. We shall impose copyright and trademark insurance over our proprietary content every time.

You shall observe the proprietary rights of Bitcoin Trader. Any breach of our rights shall be penalised under adequate laws since criminal behaviour.

You must also not disregard the proprietary rights of proprietors of logos and trademarks on our website. Infringement of such rights is punishable by law.

You shall agree to get rid of any content you have that we alert you of, which may be due to an infringement of our proprietary rights.

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